Impacting school mental health implementation across Massachusetts

Districts Joined
  • Engaged hundreds of school mental health staff and educators across more than 130 districts in professional development and technical assistance opportunities
  • Developed and distributed resources across the state to promote school mental health implementation
  • Engaged in coaching and implementation support with individual districts to enhance their capacity to screen students, form school mental health teams, implement evidence-based mental health services and supports, and design systems and policies to support sustainability
  • Promoted the collection and use of psychosocial data to monitor student progress, conduct program evaluations, allocate resources effectively, and market and promote the impact of mental health services
  • Secured partners to enhance and augment the scope of our impact
  • Awarded funding to districts to support implementation of school mental health systems through the “MASMHC Mini-grants” program
  • Advocated for funding directed at school mental health efforts and policies and practices that increase access to care for students (Bill S.210)
  • Co-led the MA State Collaborative for Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) for Comprehensive School Mental Health with DESE to support districts in developing quality and sustainable school mental health systems and practices
  • Co-led Thriving Minds a DESE sponsored professional development series focusing on building a CSMHS
  • Co-led the trauma-responsive and healing centered PD series and fellowship sponsored by the Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma (CCWT)
  • Co-led the School Mental Health Leadership Institute sponsored by Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY)
  • Co-led Supporting Staff to Support Students (S2S), a DMH sponsored project designed to build capacity within schools to deliver group therapy
MASMHC is committed to improving the mental health services and supports available to students across the Commonwealth. We hope you'll join us in this goal!